WIP Project Status

Here is a mostly up-to-date status review of my public mainline/side projects.

Active / Ongoing

Cwtch (Open Privacy Research Society) p2p, anonymous, messaging for building surveillance resistant infrastructureActive Development / 3-5 major releases per year. Next major research project is hybrid-groups.
repliqate (Open Privacy Research Society) a tool for testing and confirming reproducible builds processes based on Qemu, and a Debian Cloud image.Mostly complete, receiving active improvements / bug fixes.
Unnamed Programming LanguageAn experimental programming language inspired by c, rust, and go. Initial prototype compiler (backed by qbe) written, sample programs/benchmarks written, have a collection of notes ready to roll into a rewrite/redesign.
Unnamed IDEA fork of lite-xl with support for annotations and interacting with some of my custom analysis tools Functioning prototype written which I am using as my daily IDE, occasionally making minor tweaks.
Nes Fuzzer / SkuldA timeline fuzzer I've been working on for directed fuzzing NES games.Prototype Written, works for some NES games like Super Mario Bros. The backing emulator still has timing issues which makes fuzzing other games tricky. Lost interest in tracking down emulator issues, but may pick this back up if/when that motivation returns.
Unnamed Fuzzing BookA book covering security from a fuzzing perspective.Approx. 33,000 words written. Stalled pending time to work on it.
Radio Telescope Hydrogen Line Radio Telescope Successful observations made. I do want to clean up and release the software I wrote for this at some point. Speculative plans for a v2.

Complete / No Further Work Planned

pseudosrisc-v kernel written entirely in assembly that can run DooMI wrote this project live on stream over the course of a week in late 2022. I got what I wanted out of this project and if I revisit this work I will likely start from scratch.
OnionScanLarge scale analysis of dark web services.Tor upgrade to v3 onions made mass-correlation much more difficult, as such onionscan was never upgraded to support v3 onions.
Niwl (Open Privacy Research Society)ACN based on mix nodes and fuzzy message detection.Prototype written, new work pending progress in oblivious messaging research.
Stingray-AVXA raytracer based on cpu vector instructionsHobby project to dig into raytracing / pbr.
fuzzytags (Open Privacy Research Society)an experimental probabilistic cryptographic tagging structure based on Fuzzy Message DetectionResearch complete.
fuzzytags-sim (Open Privacy Research Society) A playground simulator for fuzzytagsResearch complete.
microworlds A playground for decentralized microworldsNo further development planned.